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Accents & Options

Check out our collection of modern and traditional accents and options for wrought iron doors. Let your imagination run wild and get creative with the help of this exceptional selection.

This is where you get to use your imagination and creative ideas. Shown below are some examples of different things that can be used on your project. Many of these are at no additional cost. It is important to know that these examples are shown to display the range of possibilities. There is no limit to the possibilities and we can employ any different ideas that you may conceive.

Door Pulls

These are some examples of the different styles that we can offer for your project. Many of the examples shown originated with our clients. Others are “improved” styles that clients wished to be modified. We would be happy to discuss any style you would desire, as the door pull is an intricate part of the “image” you are looking to achieve.

Kick Plates, Accents, & Components

Kickplates, if desired, can be of any size and have any design incorporated into them. In the event, you desire a kickplate, we will include said design on both sides of the kickplate. Accents can be a vital part of your project. We have attempted to show of the most popular types of accents. Note the detail work on the columns, this is an option that carries a high dollar value at a minimal cost. Components can be another way for you to personalize your door or gate. We offer both the fiber mesh screen for entry doors and the metal screen for gate applications.

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    Please Note: Glass is not included. Most Entry Doors are constructed with a separate hinged frame to accept 5/8” Dual Pane Glass. This size is standard, but custom sizes can be produced to accommodate your needs. Most Glass Companies will have no issues sizing and glazing the unit into the hinged frame. All Double doors come standard with Top & Bottom Flush Bolts on the inactive door. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.