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Packaging & Shipping Process

Local delivery available, small fee. 700-mile radius use our courier. National clients, common carriers except glass. Mexico, Canada, U.S. territories, Hawaii – crated material to port.

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There are a variety of methods that we use to deliver products to our clients. The most popular are as follows:

1. “Local” Clients. We deliver to the jobsite, for a small fee, all hardware, accessories, glass, and gates or doors.

2. Regional Clients. Courier delivery service is our preference. This allows the safe delivery of glass and all other products. This service can be limited to +/- 700 miles from our Las Vegas facility. Rates are reasonable, comparable to common carrier, yet this personalized method of delivery is much safer and worth consideration.

3. National Clients. Common carrier is the only option. All products are crated and well packed for the journey. We have not had a lot of success shipping glass and therefore our preference is to not include any glass in these shipments.

4. North American Clients. We use the same process for our clients in Mexico and Canada as we do for National Clients.

5. International Clients. All crated material is delivered to your port of choice and included in your container or shipped separately. This also applies to all U.S. territories and Hawaii.

We want you to be satisfied and happy with any product you purchase from Bella Grande Entrances. We realize
you are the best source of referral business for our family.

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    Please Note: Glass is not included. Most Entry Doors are constructed with a separate hinged frame to accept 5/8” Dual Pane Glass. This size is standard, but custom sizes can be produced to accommodate your needs. Most Glass Companies will have no issues sizing and glazing the unit into the hinged frame. All Double doors come standard with Top & Bottom Flush Bolts on the inactive door. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.