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Design Process

The design process and the engineering process are the 2 most essential aspects of your new iron door, iron gate or railing. At this time we shall focus on the design aspect.

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The Design Process:
The design process and the engineering process are the 2 most essential aspects of your new iron door, iron gate or railing. At this time we shall focus on the design aspect.

Customization Options:
designer or decorator, we will be happy to incorporate those ideas into your project. If you are clueless, we have over 4,000 design CAD drawings in our library to help you find the perfect choice.

Endless Design Possibilities:
Keep in mind that you may like the grillwork on a particular model, but you want a different kick plate, or even delete a kick plate, that’s OK. Or you may want an arch on your door, but you wish to maintain the flat top, that’s OK, too. The point here is basically this, you are only limited to what you can have by your imagination (and engineering approval, which is generally adaptable to whatever you want.).

Enhancing Aesthetics, Functionality & Security:
When thinking about an entry door, consideration needs to be given to the front elevation and the foyer inside the home or business. We can all live with a “wow” look on the front of the house, but will the grillwork/door compliment the staircase, medallions in the foyer, and decorating theme immediately inside the home. If you are thinking about a wine cellar door, some of these same principles apply. Generally wine cellar door open out into the hallway, as to not subtract space from the wine room.

Courtyard gates and side entry gates need to be designed and engineered for security, as well as for design compatibility with the entry doors. They, too, need to compliment the front elevation. Interior railings, balconies, etc. would allow for some “creative liberty” and allow you to personalize the look with “threads” to “tie into” the other pieces of iron work.

Innovative Features for Iron Entrances:
Some of the popular features offered on entry doors are “mesh screens”, which are located between the iron work and the hinged glass frame. These have grown to be very popular in a variety of climates. We offer the color-keyed iron mesh screens for gates, which is part of the pool code in many states, and provides an excellent “layer” of security. In addition, we can engineer your courtyard gate for the “electric strike option”, which allows you the ability to unlock the gate from inside the home for your guests. Color coordinated “keyless” keypad systems are becoming popular and are also available. Any design style you should chose can be manufactured in the “pivot door” style, if the door is wide enough to accommodate this style. Other options that we have installed in our commercial products are fingerprint readers, ADA panic exit bars, automatic closers.

We have a large selection of Door Pulls designs. Again, these too, can be modified to fit your needs. In the event that we do not have something that is compatible with your chosen design, we will create a special pull that will beautifully accent your door/gate vision. Several of the most popular door pull designs that are sold today were created by our clients originally.

The Rewarding Design Process:
The design process is the “fun part” of your new purchase. It is very rewarding to see thoughts turned into iron. We will work with you to assist in creating your door/gate. We have been doing this since 2002 and have learned a tremendous amount from our customers. We are especially pleased when we can prevent there from being an “oops” issue. That is where we say, “we should have thought of that”. We do not like “oops” and will ask a lot of questions to eliminate it from entering into the equation. Also, a big part of this is the formal CAD drawing that you will receive for any door or gate that you order. This “to scale” drawing shows the grillwork, the number of door hinges, number of glass hinges and locks, size of jamb, door swing, active door, in general the location and size of every part of your product. Your builder, contractor or installer can verify the measurements, etc. and you can certify that the grill work is as you envisioned it to be.

We want you to be satisfied and happy with any product you purchase from Bella Grande Entrances. We realize
you are the best source of referral business for our family.

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    Please Note: Glass is not included. Most Entry Doors are constructed with a separate hinged frame to accept 5/8” Dual Pane Glass. This size is standard, but custom sizes can be produced to accommodate your needs. Most Glass Companies will have no issues sizing and glazing the unit into the hinged frame. All Double doors come standard with Top & Bottom Flush Bolts on the inactive door. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.