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Fabrication & Paint Process

The design process and the engineering process are the 2 most essential aspects of your new iron door, iron gate or railing. At this time we shall focus on the design aspect.

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Following design and engineering is the fabrication phase. This phase is only initiated after the client has approved the formal CAD drawing of their project. This procedure allows for a detailed visual image and incorporates the design and engineering phases to virtually eliminate any “oops” issues.

The initial fabrication process will include all the standard aspects of our products. All double doors will have a double astragal. All doors will have more than an adequate number of door hinges, in order to spread the weight of the door and glass and eliminate the possibility of hinge “sag” in coming years. It is important to note here that the bottom hinge is a guide hinge and all weight is carried by the upper hinges. We go to great lengths to eliminate any air leaks in your door. The door stops are manufactured to accept a “kerfed” door stop seal. This seal is superior to any adhesive seal and will not be loosened by heat or cold. The factory will prep the doors to accept roller catch “locks”. The purpose of these items is to bring the door tight into the door frame. In addition, the hinged glass frame will receive adequate hinges to carry the weight of the 5/8” dual pane glass panels that they are designed to accept. Important to note here that there will be a minimum of 3 glass frame locks. The center lock really pulls the frame tight into the door and eliminates a significant amount of air noise. We just recently added the availability of mesh nylon screens that can be installed between the grill work and the glass frame to allow “bug-free” fresh air to enter your home.

There are other “standard” procedures that are applied to your product that we will not get into in this format as they are of an intellectual property nature.

All “bar” designed grillwork is created using solid 5/8” or 3/4” bar (We can use 1” bar, but that gets a little pricey). The bar itself is hand forged, not laser cut. This allows for the individual, the unique artistic theme of your design to flourish. Remember as important as it is to have a great “wow” look on the outside of your home, once inside, the door becomes a piece of art that is incorporated into your interior decorating theme. We use the same process on a gate or railing. There is no substitute for quality.

Once the product is complete, it is then cleaned of any foreign matter. A light coat of filler is applied, in order to “smoothe” out the metal and create a more perfect canvas. This is followed by an application of a flat black primer. If you requested a “faux” finish it is applied at this time. We are using a new faux process that has just recently been approved after over a year of testing. A blend of the desired faux color is mixed with lacquer paint thinner. This faux mixture is then applied with cheesecloth to the metal until the specified color is attained.

In the event that at some point in the future your door, gate or railing should be scratched, it can easily be touched up with no trace evidence of the scratch. Think about this and your past experiences. This is important. As a family-owned and operated business, we are all about the quality of product. We will continually focus on making the best products in the marketplace. Our clients are the greatest source of referrals we presently receive. We are not the cheapest, however, we feel we are the best at what we do in this arena. We will always quote you a fair price for what you desire, and not take any shortcuts in the production of your product. We can assure you that whether your project is similar to the gates at LAX nightclub in Luxor, or the door for Mr. Martin in the Bay area of California, we will strive to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them.

We want you to be satisfied and happy with any product you purchase from Bella Grande Entrances. We realize
you are the best source of referral business for our family.

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    Please Note: Glass is not included. Most Entry Doors are constructed with a separate hinged frame to accept 5/8” Dual Pane Glass. This size is standard, but custom sizes can be produced to accommodate your needs. Most Glass Companies will have no issues sizing and glazing the unit into the hinged frame. All Double doors come standard with Top & Bottom Flush Bolts on the inactive door. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.